THRIVE online - Kundalini Yoga Therapy with Ram-Inder

Yoga classes in Crawley, Chichester, Worthing, Haywards Heath, West Sussex and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Ram-Inder Rai, IPEC CPC, ELI-MP

Having found her own way out of stress and burnout, and being passionate about the path to enlightenment, Ram-Inder left the corporate world and accountancy to help people out of their suffering and reveal their unlimited

She came across yoga and meditation in 1997 which ignited her passion for self-growth and Self Realisation. She was driven by a sense of knowi
... ng that the incessant chatter of the monkey mind, with all the suffering it brings was optional, and that happiness, peace and freedom were much better choices!

In 1999 after several months of experiencing kundalini rising, Ram-Inder's path to serving others out of their suffering accelerated.

An experienced healer and coach, Ram-Inder partners with clients to use their core energy to find freedom from imbalances such as anger, negative stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, grief, money blocks, PMT, menopause, headaches, monkey mind, PTSD, digestive issues etc, and increase vitality, prosperity, resilience, confidence and harmony.

Ram-Inder is committed to getting clients deep and lasting results using a combination of Kundalini Yoga and Therapy, The Direct Path, Core Energy Coaching and Leadership, IPEC CPC, ELI-MP, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Life Style and Nutrition Analysis, Sound and Energy Healing.

She works with the principle that Self Mastery and Self Realisation are our natural state of being, and just need to be uncovered.

We also have a free Facebook group, page and newsletter where we share meditations, tips and tools to keep you elevated, and on the road to wellness, vitality and freedom.

Feel free to message us and we will send you an invite or ask any questions.

She teaches online, and in West Sussex, Hampshire, London, Chichester, Crawley, Haywards Heath, Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas.
Insured By: Dsc Strand

Insured By: Dsc Strand
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