THRIVE online - Kundalini Yoga Therapy with Ram-Inder

Yoga classes in Crawley, Chichester, Worthing, Haywards Heath, West Sussex and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Ram-Inder offers a unique blend of healing modalities which incorporates the entire bio-system so that the body, mind, emotions and spirit come into alignment.

These range from the time tested wisdom of the ancient masters that have lasted thousands of years, to the latest neuroscience methods for developing mental resilience and a bulletproof mindset.

She is passionate about getting clients re
... sults rather than sticking to one particular healing modality, and focuses on empowering the individual to uncover their own true nature, so they may let go of suffering and connect to their inner wellspring of vitality, unlimited power and healing potential.

So much has changed in our culture over the last few decades and most people have not been able to evolve quickly enough to meet these uncertain and challenging times. This has led to vast increases of dis-ease, suffering, and mental and emotional problems.

When we do not have the right systems in place our subconscious becomes full of mental debris, self limiting patterns and uncontrollable emotions, all of which can dominate our life, leaving us unable to enjoy the moment and life in general.

We are multidimensional beings and can have complex issues, treatment for one person may not work for another with the same condition. It is vitally important to meet clients where they are at and implement an individualised healing regime. For instance many people say they can't do yoga because they are not flexible or do not have the time, however there are many techniques that can be done from your sofa or office chair. Some are so powerful you can only do them for a maximum of 3 minutes, others you cant drive/ operate heavy machinery afterwards.

Self mastery and self realisation are our natural state and with the right techniques applied at the right time you can immediately reduce your level of suffering, whether its anxiety, anger, low self esteem or depression. You can then focus on the long term, building a strong foundation so you can expand and grow beyond your wildest expectations.

One of our greatest gifts is the freedom of choice, but without the right techniques it feels like you don't have one. However with the right tool box you can immediately change the way you feel, under any circumstances, and move out of the negative patterns of fear, frustration and overwhelm, going beyond polarity to experience and project your original self.

On the other hand, the closer you get to self mastery, the more you find you dont want to change the way you feel, you want to experience everything exactly as it is, and find deep peace and unconditional joy in this state.

Times have changed and what used to work or what we got away with doesn't work now. If you want to be successful today you cant keep ignoring what's important, and recent events have certainly confirmed this.

Studies have proved that stress is linked to a vast array of medical problems from headaches, IBS, sleeping problems, psychological issues, to life threatening conditions such as heart disease, diabetes. With stress hormones, especially cortisol the immune system is compromised, and this can fatal in today's environment.

By following potent and effective systems of self transformation we can reawaken our body's innate ability to restore balance, thus overcoming any chronic physical or emotional problems. What once appeared as a curse, weakness or trauma will become an opportunity for growth and expansion, so you can connect to your authentic self. Eventually they become our greatest gifts and blessings, having developed the muscle to overcome them, they take you into a deep state of truth, stillness, grace and peace.

In times of great uncertainty and pressure, we need nerves of steel, a bulletproof mindset, strong glandular and immune systems, and be aligned to your true nature so you may find deep peace in all situations and the inner knowing that all is well.

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Ram Inder is passionate about serving and empowering people out of their suffering, so they can develop the resilience and neutrality to thrive under pressure and enjoy whatever life brings.

She began practicing yoga in 1997 but always felt it was lacking something until discovering Kundalini Yoga in 2007. She later qualified to teach it as well as Shakti Dance and Gong Yoga Therapy.

To get clients deep and lasting results she uses a unique blend of Yogic Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Life Style and Nutrition, Sound Healing, Core Energy Coaching, Mindset Techniques and Energy Leadership.

She teaches online, in West Sussex, Hampshire, Chichester, Crawley, Haywards Heath, Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas.
Insured By: Dsc Strand

Insured By: Dsc Strand
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